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Our experienced team has worked for Plug In Digital, Sidekicks, Goblinz Studio, Stunlock Studio, Headbang Club and much more.

Benjamin Dimanche

Benjamin has been working on marketing & producing games for more than 8 years. He loves cinema, fiction and sci-fi. Some people say he’s a wookie…

Specialized in: Kickstarter, Project Management, Producing, Streaming.

Lou Dessaigne

Lou/Pom is a Marketing Officer, she’s changing hyperfixation every Tuesday, but you’ll never go wrong with TTRPGs, horror, comics and manga.

Specialized in: Community Building, Influencers

Yannick Elahee

Yannick has made several games and worked for several game studios as a game developer, marketer, producer and creative director. He loves talking politics.

Specialized in: Marketing Strategy, Creative Direction, Producing, Reddit Ads.